@ r-Tech enters to the technological pole of the UNLaM

@r-Tech has signed a cooperation agreement to enter to the Technological Pole of the National University of La Matanza. The agreement allows the development of products on technologies such as .Net, PHP, Cordoba and mobile development.

How the first university technological pole of the country works …

With the opening of the new Technological Research and Development Center (CeDIT), the National University of La Matanza (UNLaM) is at the head of job promotion for students specialized in the sector and promotes the development of the technological future in the District.

The Technological Pole model of this House of High Studies, different from other initiatives of the same nature, promotes the labor insertion with the installation of companies that generate goods and services related to software, and has the focus on Engineering students, with the objective that they develop professionally and graduate with experience.

The project implements a novel form of collaborative relationship between university and business, through which students are trained and develop projects under management of the companies in the laboratories of the UNLaM and add skills linked to real situations in the workplace.

The incorporation as grant holders also allows students to access job opportunities within the university environment and avoid long journeys to the areas of greatest professional demand in the field. In this way, one of the problematic characteristics that arise when they are forced to postpone the completion of their careers to prioritize job opportunities is remedied.

Financed its construction, mainly with university funds, in the brand new building of 2,100 square meters of the Technological Pole of the UNLaM are already incubated ventures related to 3D printing, augmented reality, virtual reality and mobile applications, with the participation of more than 70 scholars and the installation of almost a dozen companies.

Source: http://www.unlam.edu.ar/